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High-quality and faster consumer insights

The end-to-end research platform quantilope enables you to answer questions meaningfully and promptly in just a few days. And it does so particularly efficiently by using automated methods, real-time analyses and interactive dashboards.
The Quantilope offer is currently only available in Switzerland.

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Agility for your project

Agile Solutions quantilope replaces and automates standard processes in the generation of customer insights. The tool allows customer perception to be measured in real time without any loss of methodological quality. The results help companies act quickly and efficiently on the market according to the situation.

Agile Research Partnership Your team works online with our project team via quantilope and can view results and projects, create analyses and retrieve data at any time. The conditions for typical project scopes are determined on the basis of a rate card – this enables just-in-time commissioning of additional projects on demand.

Agile Project Thanks to the use of quantilope software, we handle your project quickly and efficiently without compromising on methodological quality. We also provide analyses of the results, recommendations for action and an interactive reporting dashboard.

Reach your goal faster with suitable templates

  • What attitudes and behaviours do the users of my product category have?
  • Which of my product concepts has the greatest potential for success?
  • Which advertising medium will have the greatest impact on my target group?

quantilope's Agile Insights software offers a variety of templates to answer your questions – from brand strategy to product planning, communication and monitoring. Select from templates for:

  • Brand strategy (brand health, target group analysis, brand associations, category audit)
  • Product planning (concept test, brand price conjoints, package tests, idea screener)
  • Advertising (ad tracking, advertising pretest, claim test)
  • Consumer research (customer feedback, usage and attitude studies)
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The licence for your success

We enable you to generate insights independently with your own quantilope licence. After comprehensive training by our research team, you will be able to set up and conduct ad hoc studies, tracking and multi-country studies – even with implicit, automated methods. The YouGov team is always available to provide support and advice. Talk to us and use the power of data to discover new perspectives.
The Quantilope offer is currently only available in Switzerland.


The entire research process is implemented quickly and easily

Define research questions

Define the questions relevant to your project. On request, our team of experts can advise you on the creation and realisation of your research project.

Create a questionnaire

Access an extensive library of survey templates or create your own customised survey by selecting and adapting the question types relevant to your research objective.

Determine methods

Draw from a variety of methods, e.g. A/B-TEst, SAT, MAT, PSM, Conjoint, MaxDiff or TURF, which you can simply select and then drag-and-drop into the survey.

Define target group and quotas

Maximum flexibility: Use our high-quality YouGov panel for your surveys in more than 55 countries worldwide, or link your own panels to the software.

Analyses in real time

quantilope processes data in real time. After the first answers, you can already see how data comes in. Exporting the data and open responses, tabulation, weighting of participants, live significance tests and segmentation of target groups are possible at any time.

Results in the interactive dashboard

Use the interactive dashboard to work with your results at any time and anywhere and share them with your team or customers. Use your own colours, images, videos and text modules to individualise your reporting. The results can also be exported to PowerPoint.

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