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With expertise in family and education trends, educator needs, communications, and thought-leadership, we work hand-in-hand with corporate clients, non-profits, NGOs, and public institutions to ensure stakeholder voices drive decisions. Talk with parents, children, educators and other professionals, to understand how they view the world around them.

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Custom solutions

YouGov’s dedicated team of experienced youth, family and education professionals design custom market research solutions for a variety of clients.

We study trends among families and children to reveal their concerns, dreams and goals, leisure-time habits and more. We’ve revealed how educators, parents and young people impact – and are impacted by –policy shifts in education, the diffusion of digital technologies, the focus on college, career and citizenship and more.

We know what drives consumer choices in the marketplace and what they want and expect from marketers across all sectors, from entertainment and media, to technology, retail, CPG and more.

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Our methodology

We have both the research expertise and sector experience to conduct a full range of research methodologies.

Our range of tools, strategies and techniques give organizations a better understanding of both their customers and target markets. We work in partnership with clients to provide actionable insights – answering both the ‘why’ and ‘so what’ questions.

Why YouGov?

Global community

YouGov operates an online panel of 27 million+ registered people worldwide who are incentivized to share their opinions

Advanced analytics

Navigate, analyze, visualize and present their research findings in one simple, intuitive online platform

Living data

Everything we learn from a continuous conversation with our global online community

Experts in the field

Content-area experts know how to uncover the insights needed to solve your challenges and reveal untapped opportunities

Multiple lenses

We understand the inter-related views and needs of children, families, educators, and the companies that serve them

Adaptable to your needs

From sample sources to survey construction to data presentation, your project is designed entirely for your needs and your budget

Solutions & Products

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