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Discover what the world thinks about major sports properties, monitoring brand health in 34 markets.

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Always-on tracking, 16 brand metrics

Get instant visibility of how any sports property is perceived, with daily data on public views of the best known sports leagues and events. Examine historic data, take a current snapshot or see market-by-market rankings.

Track properties across 16 brand-style metrics, with data that can be dissected by any market or key audience segment on a national or international basis.

21 properties are tracked in 34 markets across the world, tracking 200+ key domestic and international properties across 30 sports.

Enrich your performance analysis and strategic decision-making with robust data.


Unique data solutions for the sports industry

Instant global reach

Track audience perception of over 200+ major sports competitions, across multiple markets – daily and in real-time

In-depth intelligence

Gain deep insights on sports audiences in key markets for instant audience snapshots on any sports property

Game-changing results

Profile target global fan bases with sports fan data at your fingertips, to dive brand strength and revenue potential


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“YouGov’s assistance and expertise have proved key in progressing insight for our Commercial team. The data provided is used in almost all our conversations with strategic partners, providing...

Tom Watson, Research & Insights Manager, Southhampton FC

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