AI Qualitative Explorer

Unlocking deeper insights from open-ends

Discover the full potential of open-ended responses from your survey data with YouGov AI Qualitative Explorer.

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From open-ends to actionable insights

Ideal for capturing unprompted, top-of-mind, opinion on everything from ads and campaigns to brand messaging, this AI-powered tool sifts through unstructured data from large audience surveys, turning it into actionable insights through:

AI-powered analysis: Harness AI to extract and summarize key themes, directly tapping into consumer thinking.

Key themes & sentiments: Highlight key trends and nuanced opinions emerging from your data at a glance.

Interactive dashboard: Navigate themes, subthemes, and direct quotes effortlessly with our user-friendly interface.

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Elevate your strategy

Multi-use: Capture unprompted consumer opinions on products, advertising, policies, and more, designed for broad use across all sectors.

Understand your audience: Grasp the underlying factors driving your audience's responses to better tailor your outreach and engagement strategies.

Deep-dive analysis: Delve into more detailed insights with demographic and survey question filters for a comprehensive understanding of specific segments.


How we can help you

Rapid qualitative insights

Swiftly extract unprompted insights from open-ended answers within as little as 48 hours.

Enhanced decision making

Use thematic and sentiment analysis to inform strategic direction.

Efficient research analysis

Save time and resources with automated, AI-powered text analysis.

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