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Constantly evolving, connected data

Build a complete understanding of your audience from our ever-growing source of living data, from 27 million+ registered panel members in 55+ markets.

Analyze and report, with confidence and ease, using reliable, robust intelligence you can trust.

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Our panel

Verified, engaged and global. Our panel of 27 million+ registered members generate thousands of data points – every day – on consumer attitudes, opinions and behaviours.

Create nationally representative samples from all ages, socio-economic groups and demographic types – and start seeing your results within minutes.

Access hard to reach groups, know the likely number of respondents available before committing to a project, or Re-Contact panellists with higher than industry average response rates.

All YouGov surveys are mobile-friendly, with more than 50% of all surveys taken on mobile devices. We also have more than 250,000 active monthly users of our mobile app, who use it for faster payments and on-the-go responses.

If you'd like to learn more about data quality, take a look at our white paper here.

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Explore living data

YouGov has been a pioneer in online consumer intelligence for over 20 years, leading the way on accuracy, speed, and expertise.

The Pew Research Center study concluded that YouGov “consistently outperforms competitors on accuracy”, highlighting the credible, robust nature of our connected consumer insights.

We have thousands of brands, millions of consumer data points, across multiple sectors and markets. Constantly evolving, connected intelligence: discover what your customers were thinking yesterday, 5 years ago, and today – we call it living data.

Get the data you need, in the way you need it, with speed and certainty, every time.

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Plan, activate and track with our tools

Industry-leading technology built to simplify consumer intelligence.

We offer a large range of products and services that help you understand, with speed and ease, exactly what your audience is thinking. Plan, activate and track better marketing activities, with intelligence across the consumer journey.

Unlock powerful insights with YouGov Crunch, our powerful online platform for survey data analysis.

Leverage self-serve and end-to-end support options to get the research you need, in exactly the way you need it.

YouGov’s data is displayed in a visual and easy-to-understand format, at all stages of your workflow.

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