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Powerful, daily brand tracking. Track brand health across 27,000+ brands and all major industries to monitor growth and benchmark against competitors. Accurately measure your success with our always-on tracking across 16 key brand health metrics.

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👉 Chart brand trajectories right up to the present day with 15+ years of historical brand data and our ever-growing source of constantly evolving living data.

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Dan Urban, Vice President of Ad Sales Research, FOX Sports

"YouGov BrandIndex let us quickly, accurately and objectively show the positive brand impact that our FIFA World Cup advertising partners obtained.”

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Brand and competitor tracking

Media & communication metrics:

Advertising awareness • Aided brand awareness • Attention • Buzz • Word of mouth exposure

Purchase funnel metrics:

Purchase intent • Consideration • Current customer • Former customer

Brand perception metrics:

General impression • Customer satisfaction • Quality • Value • Corporate reputation • Recommendation • Index (overall brand health)


Next-level brand tracking

Fresh insights

Daily data in an always-on platform, so you can spot changes as they unfold

Know it all

Measure brand performance over time, with over a decade of historical data

Outsmart your industry

Benchmark your competitive edge by tracking your competitors - across metrics, sectors, and markets