World Expo 2020
November 26th, 2013, Emilene Parry

World Expo 2020

Tomorrow, on the 27th November 2013, a decision will be made on who will host the World Expo 2020. YouGov decided to run a Lab to understand who participants believe will win, who they want to win and the impact they believe the Expo 2020 will have on their lives and their country of residence.

A large majority (over four-fifths) believe that Dubai is the most likely city to win the World Expo 2020 and a similar percentage state that they personally want Dubai to host the Expo 2020.

Reasons for supporting Dubai’s bid to host the World Expo 2020 include:

“Because Dubai is ready for a big event like the Expo 2020 and the government has worked hard” Mariam, UAE

“Because Dubai is the only Arabian country that is capable of holding this kind of event” Mohamed, Egypt

“Better security and better infrastructure” Mohamad, Lebanon

“Primarily because Dubai is the most secure and safe place for such an event and secondly it's cosmopolitan, multicultural and multinational atmosphere. But the most important of all is the reason that the government has the capability to mobilize and energize all residents of the city to take part” Zahid, UAE

“Regardless of it being the city I choose to live in - it is the most dynamic and forward thinking and progressing of the candidate cities - and clearly demonstrates that people of all nations can live together in one city without extreme racial tension or religious intolerance” Douglas, UAE

“It has all the tools, experience and knowledge to host the World Expo 2020” Jan, UAE

“Dubai is capable on all sides to host the World Expo 2020 and since all nationalities are targeting Dubai and wishing to visit Dubai, the World Expo 2020 would be another reason for them to do so. With all the hard work, security and organizing that happens in Dubai, definitely DUBAI deserves to host the World Expo 2020” Noura, UAE

“More business and work opportunities in the gulf, easier access for the world, tax free country, provides more investments and growth” Anon

“They have support from inside the country and from other foreign countries” Basith, UAE

“Because we are always hearing good news about the UAE and how their dealing with guests” Jizan, KSA

“The UAE economy is downright eye-catching in these years. The city of Dubai is charming and attractive. I personally believe that Dubai is now representing the world because all the world now exists there, whether tourists or workers” Hozyfa, Sudan

Overall most participants believe that the Expo 2020 will have a positive impact on their lives. Participants are particularly optimistic about the impact Dubai hosting the Expo 2020 will have on their country of residence in terms of job availability, infrastructure, the economic situation and the political situation. However about a quarter of Lab participants are concerned about the negative impact it would have on rent/housing, the traffic and general cost of living.

Majority of Lab participants believe that they understand what the Expo 2020 involves although almost all participants would like to know more about the Expo 2020.