Egypt Protests
November 7th, 2013, YouGov

Egypt Protests

YouGov decided to run a Lab asking respondents about their views on the current situation and protests in Egypt. Unsurprisingly, 8 in 10 Lab respondents are concerned about the current political situation in Egypt with almost half reporting the current crisis is impacting their country of residence.

This is what some of our Lab respondents had to say when we asked them how the crisis in Egypt is impacting their country of residence:

“It brings instability in North Africa and impacts my country's business with the entire region. Secondly, Egypt is an important tourist destination which is being destroyed due to the current agitation and it affects my country travellers” Arunava Dasgupta, India

“Being a Muslim country, the impression of my country is getting bad” Anon

“It is de-stabilizing the entire Middle East” Mike, UAE

“The unrest may spread to the nearby countries especially as there are higher numbers of Egyptians in these countries” Salem, Egypt

“Because Egypt is a Muslim country and its crisis is our crisis” Anon

“I fear that protests may also start in my country” Anon

Lab respondents were asked what they think would be the best resolution to the ongoing crisis in Egypt:

“Legitimacy must come back. Morsi was elected for 4 or 5 years, not for 1 year” Lam, Algeria

“The voice of public should be heard” Anon

“The political party needs to take hold. The army should not interfere and need to stop killing their own people” Asm, Pakistan

“Democratic new elections for non-military government” Ashraf, Egypt

“New democratic elections without the Islamic brotherhood”

“The best solution to the crisis is the union of all Egyptian political parties” Ttiaret, Algeria

“Religion needs to be separated from both politics and government. The way forward is to be a secular nation” Doug, Dubai

“The best resolution is to create a multi-cultural government which represents all Egyptian people” Achraf, Morocco

Opinion was divided as to whether the international community should play a role in resolving the current conflict:

“All countries should stand with Egypt in this hard moment” Othmane, Morocco

“The international community should leave us alone” Anon

“A fair trial for war criminals who killed peaceful protesters” Anon

“There is no role. Non-Muslim country should stay out of it” Anon

“Rich countries should provide financial assistance to the Egyptian people and provide them with career opportunities” Dana, Saudi Arabia

“No interference in Egypt’s internal affairs” Anon

“Impose sanctions on military forces” Adel, Morocco

“The international community needs to put pressure on the current government” Abu Talal, Palestine

“Put pressure on the military” Sharif, Morocco

Although Lab respondents were concerned about the protests, they had different views on how the crisis should be resolved and what role, if any, the international community should play.