Indians more interested than British in Royal Baby
July 16th, 2013, Will Dahlgreen

Indians more interested than British in Royal Baby

Indians are more interested in the impending birth of the British Royal baby than the British themselves

It is often said that the Royal Family is bigger in America than in Britain. But new research from YouGov reveals that it is in India, not the USA, that the birth of a new heir to the throne is most eagerly anticipated.

YouGov research in the United Kingdom, US and India suggests that 57% of Indian people polled online describe themselves as very or fairly interested in the birth of the Royal baby in Britain, compared to only 46% in the UK and 25% in America.

The online sample in India is by definition more restricted to those Indians who are connected to the internet, but the level of interest can be usefully compared to the samples in the UK and US where the samples have comparative access to information.

Gender Gap

Men from the UK, meanwhile, are less than half as interested (29%) in the Royal Baby as women from the UK (60%). The proportions are smallest in the US where only 13% of men describe themselves as interested and 36% of women.

India still tops the polls, with 52% of men saying they are interested and 62% of women.

Recent Twitter rumours reported wrongly that Kate Middleton was in labour. YouGov’s social media analysis tool SoMA found, in keeping with the global polls, that on Twitter 56% of those hearing about the Royal baby were female, while on Facebook the number was 67%.

See the UK results

See the India results
Total sample size was 503 adults. Fieldwork was undertaken between 3rd and 10th July 2013. The survey was carried out online. The figures have been weighted in line with national demographics and are representative of the urban adult population (aged 18+).

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