Football Is The Most Commonly Played Team Sport
April 1st, 2013, Emilene Parry

Football Is The Most Commonly Played Team Sport

We recently ran a Lab on team sports with the aim to understand how many take part in team sports and how much team sports appeal to them. About half of Lab Participants claim to currently participate in team sports with football (soccer) as the most popular sport. Most who are not currently playing team sports, would like to get involved with the greatest interest in football, basketball and volleyball.

What participants enjoy most about team sports:

“The sport (in my case football) has been a passion since childhood. Love the game and love the team building that the game enables. Besides the health factor is another important aspect. In today's digital and hectic work-centric life, it pays to get a release from a classic game of football once in a while” Joe, UAE

“Feeling fresh and have fun when playing in the team. I feel more energy in my body” Anon

“Competitiveness. It's also fun and a great social experience” Mo, Bahrain

“Discover many friends” Ala, Tunisia

“Getting away from the outside world” Mida, Egypt

“Challenges, work-outs” Jedd, UAE

“Fitness and healthy body” Anon

Reasons for not currently participating in any team sports:

“I like to do but I do not have time for training sessions” Mahdi, Jordan

“Because of the busy schedule with work” Anon

“Don't have enough time for sports and don’t have enough money to pay any club fees” Raza Zaidi, Pakistan

“I like watching sports not participating in them” Anon

“No opportunity to try one” Mai, UAE

“No time” Ema, Egypt

“I’m too lazy” Anon

“Timings, difficult to do outside work hours with traffic” Anon

“I am new in Dubai I don’t know yet how can I connect with them” Kami, Dubai

Half of Lab participants agree that there are numerous opportunities for them to get involved in team sports. Interestingly, most also agree that there are more opportunities for men than women where they live. Lab participants’ list timings outside of their work hours, more opportunities closer to their home and friends to join them as aspects that would make them get more involved in team sports.