Dubai World Cup: Hats and Horses
March 30th, 2013, Emilene Parry

Dubai World Cup: Hats and Horses

The Dubai World Cup is an annual horserace which is contested at the Meydan Racecourse. This year the Dubai World Cup took place on March 30th. We ran two labs on the event, one before to find out people’s perceptions and expectations, and one afterwards to find out if it met expectations and what lab participants liked or disliked about the event.


Just under half of lab participants were aware of the Dubai World Cup. More Lab participants planned on watching the Dubai World Cup on TV than those who planned on attending the event. Few had attended the event in the past.

The majority stated that they enjoy watching horseracing although most felt that the Dubai World Cup ticket prices were too expensive.

What Lab participants were most looking forward to:

“Of course horse racing and the after racing ceremony” Anon

“Dubai World Cup is considered one of the famous international horse races. The race also offers an opportunity to experience an exciting atmosphere in the world's richest races” Anon

What they liked most about the event when they attended in the past:

“Hospitality, Entertainment & Firework” Anon

“The magnitude of the event, good organization, and numerous awards” Anon

Reasons for not attending in the past:

“Because I have no interest in hats or horses” Juliette, UAE

“Financial Issues” Anon

“I don’t like this sport” Anon

“Haven’t got time to go to Dubai” Was, KSA

“My work circumstances won’t allow me to” Anon

“Not interested in such competitions” Anon


Very few Lab participants attended the Dubai World Cup this year although over half claimed to have watched at least some of it on TV or the Internet. The Dubai World Cup was the final race of the night. It is the world’s richest horse race with a purse of USD 10 million. The majority of Lab participants claimed to have watched this race.

Overall opinion of the event:

“I think it is a very great cup, in this very big and beautiful city” Anon

“It was my first time to see the horse race . . . I was totally thrilled to see those and I liked it a lot” Ashadipta, India

“It deserves to be watched. It was entertaining” Anon

“I find that it is that is useless waste of money” Anon

“It is fantastic” Anon

“It is so nice to watch a cup sponsored by Dubai, it pleasured to me to see it” Anon

“Enjoyable and beautiful. Something new in the region” Anon

“Fabulous and comprehensive organizing” Anon

“The fame of Dubai World Cup has attracted racing enthusiasts. The attendance is considered to be outstanding this year in the history of the Dubai World Cup keeping in mind that the number of attendees did not exceed 30 thousand spectators at its beginnings. This large attendance emphasizes the position that Dubai World Cup has reached as it hit the horizons of fame in terms of status (level), organizing, and participants” Anon

What they liked most:

“The thrill and excitement” Anu, UAE

“The fashion” Anon

“The horses” Anon

“Good organizing” Anon

“The racecourse/ racetrack” Anon

“Enthusiasm and honest competition” Anon

“In fact, the management of Meydan Racecourse has played an active role in the success of the event by providing all the convenience requirements for the public, whether in terms of restaurants and cafeterias or providing transportation” Anon

“Purebred Arabian horses” Anon

“Direction and filming in general. The size of event and the outstanding organization” Anon

Suggestions for improvements for the next Dubai World Cup:

“Must be televised in more TV channels” Anon

“Make this cup in Winter Season” Anon

“More publicity” Anon

“More interviews” Reine, Lebanon

"Increase the competitors” Anon

“To have it shown in all countries around the world to show them the purebred Arabian horses” Anon

“TV promotional activity” Anon