Lab Participants Vow to Exercise More in 2013
February 3rd, 2013, Emilene Parry

Lab Participants Vow to Exercise More in 2013

Although keeping fit is on most people’s agenda, many of us do not pay the necessary attention to exercise. Exercise often gets pushed aside to make time for other commitments such as work and family. In this Lab, we aim to understand participants’ exercise habits; barriers to exercise and the main motivations behind exercising.

We found that despite the great benefits it offers, one-fifth of participants claim they never exercise. One-third claim to exercise 1-2 times a week, and only one-in-five say they exercise daily. Interestingly, more male than female Lab participants claimed to exercise on a regular basis.

When asked whether they exercise as much as they want to, lab respondents are equally split. About half of lab participants do not exercise as much as they want to. Long working hours is the top barrier to exercise cited by these Lab’s participants.

Main barriers to exercise:

“I have four children under four years old. I take care of them personally and I have no maid to help me so I don't have unfortunately enough time to exercise” Anonymous

“Lack of time” Subha, UAE

“Time availability due to my fixed timing schedule.” Naresh, India

“Fitting it into a busy schedule and finding exercise classes that run before or after the working day” Jay, UAE

“Time Constraints and too tired to after office” Ashi, UAE

“Laziness, cause let’s face can always find 30 min if you really want to.” Anonymous

“Lack of time, lack of motivation” Anonymous

“Work and life style” Vibbs, UAE

“My routine, my college hours, and all day at work.” Maria, Pakistan

9 in every 10 respondents claim that they plan to exercise more in 2013 than they did in 2012. Lab participants state that the following would convince them to exercise more:

“Exercise classes that run at 6am or 8pm” Jay, UAE

“Health related updates” Subha, UAE

“Having a few people around to exercise with” Anonymous

“If I found gyms without contracts and had more time” Anonymous

“I think motivation from friends or family, closer places and the free time” Asmaa, UAE

“A club that will join me jogging daily” Chibue, UAE

“Good timing and an exercise partner” Anonymous

“Reduction in weight” Shabir, Pakistan

“More free time - when I work another job with fewer hours.” Anonymous

Overall, most Lab participants are optimistic that they will exercise more this year, with half stating that they currently do not exercise as much as they would like to. Long working hours are citied as the main barrier to exercise for participants. Losing weight more easily, having more free time and finding classes that fit into participants hectic lifestyles would convince participants to exercise more often.