Reunions to Resolutions: How Will You Celebrate Christmas and New Year's?
January 28th, 2013, Emilene Parry, Karima Berkani

Reunions to Resolutions: How Will You Celebrate Christmas and New Year's?

As the end of 2012 approached, we set out to understand which festivities YouGov Lab participants usually celebrate and the most popular ways to celebrate Christmas and New Year’s.


Lab participants specified meeting with family and friends, attending parties and opening presents as typical ways they celebrate Christmas. Some of Lab participant’s favorite things about Christmas include:

“All family members are present and happy. Exchanging gifts and sharing moments that had been missed in each other lives” Anonymous, UAE

“Opportunity to spend time with my family” John, UAE

“Festive mood; party time” Anonymous, UAE

“Meeting my friends and having fun with them” Ravi, India

“To meet all my family and to enjoy a nice X-mas tree and a fabulous dinner prepared by my mother” Ana, UAE

“Exchanging Gifts” Ron, UAE

New Year’s Eve:

Most Lab participants claim to meet friends on New Year’s Eve. Meeting family, attending parties and watching fireworks are also popular ways to celebrate New Year’s Eve. Some Lab participants’ favorite things about celebrating New Year’s Eve include:

“Fireworks & TV programs” Anonymous

“Meeting with family and friends” Muhammad, Pakistan

“The countdown” Azad, UAE

“Fireworks” Rakhee, UAE

“Going out with friends and celebrating” Fawad, UAE

“Meeting my old friends” Anonymous

“Whole night party and playing cricket” Anonymous

“The spirit of new hope” Simon

“The countdown with fireworks, which allows us to bid the last year good bye and welcome the New Year with a total excitement” Tiffany, Singapore

“New Year's decoration on the streets” Mohammed Ibrahim, India

“Getting together with friends” Musa, Dubai

“Mutual festive feeling throughout the city” SB, Dubai


Almost three-fifths of participants made a New Year’s resolution last year (although only a minority of those claimed to have stuck with their resolution for the whole year). Two-fifths of those who made a resolution claimed to have only stuck with it for a few weeks and one-fifth kept their resolution for less than one week. Those who did not make a New Year’s resolution last year cited the following reasons:

“I didn’t have a time to think of one” Anonymous

“Because I was not able to complete one the year before” Anonymous

“I never believe in resolutions” Simon

“Because things don’t happen as you plan in your life. That’s why I think it’s not important for me. I just do things at their perfect time” Shah Hussain, Pakistan

“I never wanted to make any” Misbah, Pakistan

“I don't believe having a New Year’s resolution can affect someone, my resolution is not fixed by time - I can take a decision and apply it on myself whenever I want to” Anonymous

“I’m too busy in my studies” Saim, Pakistan

The majority of Lab participants claim to have made a New Year’s resolution for 2013. Resolutions for 2013 include:

“To keep my family united” Taiybah, UAE

“Get into a job which suits me better” Mohammed, India

“Lose 10 Kg” Azad, UAE

“To start habits of efficiency, productivity, selflessness and being motivated” Ayie, UAE

“Getting a new job” Farouk, Egypt

“To establish my own business” Fawad, UAE

“Stop smoking” Ana, UAE

“To fulfill all my liabilities, so I can spend time with and support my family” Len UAE

“To be a successful businessman” Muhammad, Egypt

“To enjoy life as it comes, good or bad” Ravi, India

“No nail biting” Arn, UAE

“To achieve the best I can in my career” Tiffany, Singapore

“Lose weight” Musa, Dubai

“Write at least 15 Blog posts” Anonymous

“Pay more attention to the house and to personal fitness” SB, UAE

“To get more equipped technically and be more regular in GYM” Wick, Pakistan

“Get married. Do some IT trainings” Akram, Pakistan

“Study hard” Sonia, Pakistan.

Overall most Lab participants claim to celebrate New Year, with most using the occasion to meet with friends and family. New Year’s resolutions are also popular amongst Lab participants, although many claim not to have stuck with their 2012 resolutions for very long.