Analysing the conversion funnel of American automakers in the US
December 14th, 2023, Janice Fernandes

Analysing the conversion funnel of American automakers in the US

Gaining insights into a brand’s ability to guide consumers through different stages of the purchase funnel is a crucial part of understanding marketing performance. This understanding provides valuable information about the brand's competitive standing in the industry and enables an assessment of its effectiveness in translating consumer awareness into actual sales.

Using data from YouGov BrandIndex — which monitors several key measures of brand health daily — we explore the performance of three renowned US automakers to uncover how successful Ford, Chevrolet and Jeep are at converting awareness into actual purchases.

Stage 1: Awareness

At the top of the purchase funnel is Awareness, a measure of if consumers have ever heard of a brand. As you’d expect, all three American automakers have high rates of Awareness among US adults with Ford at 95.2%, Jeep at 94.3% and Chevrolet at 94.1%. 

Stage 2: Consideration 

When it comes to the brands US consumers would consider purchasing the next time they’re in market for a car, Ford and Chevrolet are neck-and-neck with a 25.1% and 23.9% Consideration score respectively.

Their conversion rates from Awareness to Consideration are similar with Ford at 26% and Chevrolet at 25%, indicating that these two American automakers are effective at converting consumers into considerers.

Roughly 15% of US consumers would consider Jeep and the brand converts at a rate of 16% between Awareness and Consideration. Despite Jeep’s lower score and conversion rate at this stage, it begins to make up for lost ground at the bottom of the funnel.

Stage 3: Purchase Intent 

The Purchase Intent stage shows the brands consumers would be most likely to buy and while Ford (10.3%) earns the highest Purchase intent score, Chevrolet is not far behind (9%). Roughly two-fifths of considerers are converted to purchase both these brands (41% and 38% respectively).

Jeep earns a Purchase Intent score of 4.7% and converts at 32% from the Consideration stage.

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