American Verizon customers are mostly happy – but one in ten still plan to downgrade or switch
December 12th, 2023, YouGov

American Verizon customers are mostly happy – but one in ten still plan to downgrade or switch

When it comes to executing a marketing strategy, understanding why your competitors’ customers are choosing them over you can be just as valuable as knowing your own brand’s strengths.

Competitive analysis can help marketers understand exactly how satisfied customers of a rival brand are, as well as what they perceive as its shortcomings, allowing you to position your brand or product in the right place to take advantage.

Using its ‘Customers of’ targeting capabilities, YouGov Self-serve - our fully self-serviced research platform - allows marketers to quickly, easily and cheaply reach survey their competitors’ customers – and ask them (within reason) whatever they want.

In just a few clicks, you can target an audience of your choice, selecting from customers of one (or more) of 1,500 brands in UK or 2,200 brands in US, and then create your custom poll using our easy survey builder. Within 24 hours, you could have the answers that make the difference between failure and success for your upcoming product launch, brand campaign or crisis management strategy.

In this piece we used our survey tools to poll current customers of Verizon Wireless in the US.

YouGov Self-serve targeting allows us to look at specific audiences in a range of sectors: from under-24s to retail professionals; from male cinemagoers to female sports fans and beyond. We can also target customers of specific brands, and today we’re looking at those of Verizon.

The good news for the brand: Verizon customers are, for the most part, happy customers. When asked about overall satisfaction, 82% say they are very or fairly satisfied, and just 15% say they are not satisfied.

When asked about whether they think Verizon services are good or poor, users are similarly happy. Nine in ten (89% vs. 9%) are positive about the company’s quality of service and its performance (89% vs. 10%).

Customers are, however, less enthusiastic about Verizon when it comes to value for money: while seven in ten (69%) think it offers good bang for buck, three in ten (29%) disagree.

Despite this, seven in ten plan to either keep their current Verizon service (64%), or upgrade to a different Verizon service (6%). Just 9% plan to upgrade to a different provider, and a mere 1% intend to downgrade.

Methodology: YouGov polled 410 US adults who are customers of Verizon online on December 9, 2023. The survey was carried out through YouGov Surveys: Self-serve. Data is weighted by age, gender, race, political affiliation, education level and region. The margin of error is [XX%] for the overall sample. Learn more about YouGov Surveys: Self-serve.