India’s Gen Z, who love the ‘GRAM
May 25th, 2023, Shivanshi Shah

India’s Gen Z, who love the ‘GRAM

India is one of the world’s largest social media markets and while rural India is rapidly growing thanks to the pace of digital transformation, it’s the urban Indian Gen Zers who have grown up watching the rise of social media platforms like Instagram. These neo-digital natives are not only the present but the future of India's growing economy.

What do the lives of this tech-savvy generation look like?

28% of urban Indian Gen Z’ers access Instagram more than 10 times a day. YouGov’s latest report, ‘India’s Gen Z, who love the ‘GRAM’ gives a peek into the profile of this segment and their lives outside the social media platform. If you are a marketer looking to understand the audience of your next campaign, look no further.

What does this segment of Gen Z who love the ‘GRAM’ do when outside the world of finstas and food pics? With 72% of Gen Z Insta lovers planning to save more money next year, who do they turn to for Investment advice? What is their outlook towards advertising? Get answers to these questions and more.

Download the latest Profile Peek report, ‘India’s Gen Z, who love the ‘GRAM’ to get an in-depth analysis of Gen Z Instagram lovers’ behaviour and attitudes in 2023.

The report includes:

  • Gen Z Insta lover’s money mindset
  • Their retail habits
  • Relationship with food
  • Travel preferences
  • Outlook towards advertising
  • Streaming behaviour