Leisure and Entertainment: 2022 trends and insights of the UK market
January 5th, 2023, Kineree Shah

Leisure and Entertainment: 2022 trends and insights of the UK market

In this piece, we’re rounding up this year’s highlights of our content on the leisure and entertainment industry in the British market.

Soaring inflation and the ongoing cost-of-living crisis made 2022 a bumpy year for the leisure and entertainment industry in the UK. Some Britons felt the pinch, with one in 10 telling us that they felt prices have gone up a lot (12%) for admission to live events. YouGov data revealed that more than a third of Britons were looking to spend less on live events and entertainment in comparison to 2021 (35%). To find out more key insights and trends on the entertainment industry check out YouGov’s Out of Home Entertainment Industry Report.

The year also marked the return of consumers to the gym. According to our data, 28% of Britons who go to the gym as frequently as possible track their fitness or diet using fitness apps. One in 10 consumers who do not currently have a gym membership (either because they have never had one or because it has lapsed) said they would consider joining one in the coming months (16%). Cost, location, and the right exercise machines are three of the most crucial factors consumers look for in a gym.

According to a fascinating YouGov article, gamers exercise more frequently than non-gamers. We thought it might be interesting to learn what types of gym memberships gamers prefer and discovered that this segment is far likelier than non-gamers to have a class subscription pass. In a separate article, we found that while the majority of Britons do not compare themselves to fitness influencers, the younger generation does.

Looking at music trends, it’s no surprise to learn that the most popular music genres among Britons are pop, rock, and R&B, but there is a significant difference between men and women.

When it comes to gambling, Britons consider easy access to a betting website to be the most important factor (55%) when choosing a bookmaker. The next most important factors are the best odds (44%), and best promotional offers (33%). Our analysis revealed Britons are least likely to notice gambling endorsements promoted by social media influencers with the majority saying they are ‘not at all influenced’ (87%). To find out more key gambling insights, check out YouGov’s Global Gambling Report.

Last month YouGov also launched a global report looking at the toy industry, drawing on insights from more than 8,000 interviews with consumers in the US, UK, France and Germany. The data digs into the moral, ethical and sustainable considerations shoppers may have when purchasing toys. Get the full report here.

This is just a brief of what we’ve covered in 2022. Stay tuned for more consumer insights.

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