Indian Cricket Fandom Report 2023
February 28th, 2023, Shivanshi Shah

Indian Cricket Fandom Report 2023

Cricket plays a significant role in the entertainment and leisure of Indian households. Its widespread viewership and cultural popularity among all generations have led to the development of cricket as an industry that plays a crucial role in the Indian economy.

Ahead of IPL 2023, YouGov has analysed and aggregated everything you need to know about Cricket fever amongst Indian fans.

According to YouGov Global Fan Profiles data, India leads the globe with the maximum number of cricket fans, followed by South Africa and Australia. Our data also reveals that 76% of Indian cricket fans would consider attending ICC Cricket World Cup this year.

Download YouGov's Indian cricket fandom report 2023 to understand:

  • How cricket fandom varies around the globe?
  • Does cricket fandom vary with age or gender?
  • Indian cricket fan's media consumption habits

  • Fan Favourites: Athletes and IPL teams
  • Interest and attitudes towards women's sports and more...

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