Why do current-gen PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo and PC gamers game?
November 28th, 2022, Christien Pheby

Why do current-gen PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo and PC gamers game?

The ninth generation of video game consoles has been impacted by COVID-19, supply chain issues, and development delays. Now that we’re two years in and it’s a little easier to get hold of a PlayStation 5 or an Xbox Series X|S, we explore American gamers by the kind of current-gen platform they prefer – exploring who they are, which systems are more likely to attract casual or hardcore gamers, and the reasons why they game in the first place.

From a demographic perspective, every platform’s audience skews towards men. PlayStation 5 (68% male; 29% female) and Xbox Series X|S (68% vs. 32%) have the highest proportion of male compared to female gamers.


On the other end of the spectrum, the Switch has the highest proportion of women playing its consoles, with 54% of gamers identifying as male to 46% identifying as female. We can potentially attribute this to Nintendo’s flagship games being designed to appeal to a wider range of people. According to YouGov BrandIndex, if we look at popular franchises like Assassin’s Creed (70% male vs. 30% female) or Halo (73% vs. 27%), the audience is largely male; if we look at Animal Crossing (39% vs. 61%) or Mario (45% vs. 55%), women comprise an outright majority of players.

PlayStation and Xbox are home to more hardcore gamers – but the PC is king of the casuals

Looking at how people play on each system shows that, among American gamers, the “hardcore” – those who say they take video games seriously, or play competitively – are a minority, and one with the highest representation on the PS5 (19%) and Xbox Series X|S (20%).


Casual gamers are most common on the Nintendo Switch (45%), and the PC, where half of players identify as casual (51%). The PC is not always a dedicated gaming platform, and has other functions: while some will play graphically demanding titles like Red Dead Redemption 2 or Spider-Man: Miles Morales or Destiny, others may be interested in a more relaxing experience on their commute – or in between work projects or chores – such as Solitaire or Stardew Valley.


This is borne out somewhat by the reasons current-gen gamers on each system give for playing video games. When asked, most gamers across every system say relaxing and winding down is a key motivation for playing video games – but especially for PC (77%) and Switch (78%) gamers compared to Xbox (56%) and PS5 (63%). This group are also more likely to say they play games “to pass the time” or “to escape from reality for a while”. Switch gamers are also especially likely to be creatively motivated: three in ten say they play games to “make a world of their own” (29%), next to a quarter of PC gamers (26%) and a fifth of PS5 (21%) and Xbox gamers (22%).

For their part, PS5 and Xbox gamers are more likely to say they play video games for social purposes: around a quarter of the former (24%) and nearly three in ten of the latter (28%) say they play video games “to interact with gamers from around the world”, next to just 16% of both Switch gamers and PC gamers. The greater multiplayer emphases of these consoles next to the Switch may partially account for this.


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