Engaging Gen Z Travellers in APAC
August 30th, 2022, Kevin Rustika

Engaging Gen Z Travellers in APAC

Discover the kind of trips Gen Z travellers are currently planning - along with insightful background to their thought process.

The YouGov travel whitepaper highlights how Gen Z is the driving force in the travel industry. As they enter the workforce, start earning consistent wages, and have access to disposable income, their preferences and views will gradually consolidate. To focus marketing efforts on the things that matter most to Gen Z, brands must have a thorough understanding of how this generation responds to various levers, including price and brand purpose. It is necessary to understand how to engage with this cohort of travellers. They are social, they want to be entertained, and expect personalization and tailored unique offerings. Building strong and positive brand associations is a long-term effort, and with Gen Z, the best time to start is now.

But how do Gen Z in APAC differ than their global counterpart? In this mini-report, you will discover:

  • Gen Z's travel considerations
  • Their travel attitudes
  • Their travel hindrance
  • Receptiveness towards travel advertising
  • and many more

Download the full report now to discover more.

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