Global: Are consumers shopping around for the best gas prices?
August 10th, 2022, Janice Fernandes

Global: Are consumers shopping around for the best gas prices?

Inflation rates have skyrocketed across the globe, with US and UK facing the highest rise in 40 years and expecting a further increase. Fuel prices are among the many commodities that have seen the maximum price rise. With this crisis in mind, we've explored whether consumers shop around for the best gas prices.

Latest data from YouGov Global Profiles – an audience intelligence tool – reveals that 60% of global consumers who drive every day of the week like to shop around for the best gas prices.

A plurality of consumers in the American continent (70%) who drive every day are more likely to say they shop around for the best gas prices, the highest of all regions.

Europe (62%) registers slightly lower than Americas but still more than the global audience who drive every day and shop around for best gas prices. However, consumers in this region are most likely to disagree, with nearly two in ten (19%) saying they don’t shop for the best prices, the highest of all.

There’s a significant drop in agreement figures in MENA and APAC daily drivers – 57% and 54%, respectively.

There’s only a slight attitudinal difference between global consumers of different age groups. Even though they register more than 50% of consumers, 25-34-year-olds are least likely to shop for best fuel prices (57%). On the other hand, consumers who are over 55 and drive every day are more likely to agree.

Methodology: YouGov Global Profiles is a globally consistent audience dataset with 1000+ questions across 43 markets. The data is based on continuously collected data from adults aged 16+ years in China and 18+ years in other markets. The sample sizes for YouGov Global Profiles will fluctuate over time, however the minimum sample size is always c.1000. Data from each market uses a nationally representative sample apart from India and UAE, which use urban representative samples, and China, Egypt, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Morocco, Philippines, South Africa, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam, which use online representative samples. Learn more about Global Profiles.

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