Global – How to capture the spend of impulsive buyers
July 6th, 2022, Kineree Shah

Global – How to capture the spend of impulsive buyers

It's no secret that impulsive shoppers account for a significant portion of the consumer pie. Data gathered from YouGov Global Profiles tells us that a third of consumers globally tend to make impulsive purchases. But amongst this group of shoppers there are a variety of habits. In this piece, we look at how marketers can capture more of the spending power of this impulsive buyers.

More than two in five impulsive purchasers see something online and buy it online, making this method the most preferred choice globally (46%). The second most preferred option for Europeans (36%) and Americans (33%) is to make in-store purchases after seeing something at the store, whereas APAC’s impulsive consumers tend to use an app to purchase something online (28%). The second most popular option for MENA consumers, on the other hand, is to make purchases in-store after seeing products online (32%). They are also more likely to opt for ‘click and collect’ than the rest of the world (29%).

Globally, impulsive buyers are less likely to use an app to make in-store purchases (17%) compared to other options.

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