Flexitarians in the Nordics
November 9th, 2021, Tove Keldsen

Flexitarians in the Nordics

YouGov’s Nordic food & health report covers interesting trends. Across the Nordic countries, most people state that they eat healthier – more vegetables and reduced intake of alcohol and sugar. Further they claim to have reduced consumption of meat and focus has increased on buying local food and more organic and plant-based protein as well as substitutes to meat.

During the last 5 years, it has also become more popular to become a flexitarian. Across the Nordics 15% describe themselves as flexitarians but who are they and how do their attitudes to consumption and health differ from the nation?

Using YouGov Profiles, a proprietary audience profiling and segmentation platform collecting 25,000 variables on 90,000 panelists in the Nordics, marketers and researchers can understand exactly who these flexitarians are in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland are, what they want, where to reach them, and much more.

Download these free Profile Peeks of the Danish, the Swedish, the Norwegian, and the Finnish flexitarians, for unique insights, including:

  • Demographics
  • Attitudes to consumption
  • Health and exercise
  • Media use
  • And much more

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