New Research: Traveler Sentiment in Fall 2021
October 7th, 2021, YouGov

New Research: Traveler Sentiment in Fall 2021

YouGov’s recent analysis on the state of US Travelers released in June unveiled insights on developing trends, current barriers, and emerging consumer sentiments. But despite increased vaccination rates since, the travel industry remains in flux. Travel and tourism businesses require continued reevaluation of evolving consumer sentiment.

In late September 2021, YouGov presented its newest consumer and travel data, collected via surveying hundreds of thousands of prospective travelers in the US and globally. Download YouGov's comprehensive traveler data presentation free for new and exclusive insights intro:

  • Domestic and international travel sentiment for the next 12 months
  • Key travel obstacles for the US consumers
  • An analysis of the Modern Traveler
  • How sustainability consideration may affect upcoming travel

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