APAC: FMCG Rankings 2021
September 23rd, 2021, YouGov

APAC: FMCG Rankings 2021

A new analysis by YouGov highlights the top ten performing brands across key FMCG categories in APAC over the past year. The 2021 rankings are based on Index scores from YouGov BrandIndex. Our Index metric gauges a brand’s overall health by calculating the average of Impression, Quality, Value, Satisfaction, Recommend and Reputation.


YouGov research reveals roughly a quarter of Australians (24%) say their alcohol consumption increased during the pandemic and an additional 46% say it remained the same. In the alcohol category, whiskey brand Jack Daniel's takes the top spot. Wine-maker Jacob's Creek is a close runner-up, followed by Johnnie Walker, Corona and Heineken.

In the personal care category, Colgate emerged as the top brand followed by Gillette and Panadol Cold & Flu, antiperspirant brand Rexona, and Cancer Council Sunscreen.

Cadbury had the highest score among food brands, indicating that the pandemic didn’t hold back consumers from some sweet indulgence. Our data shows 27% of grocery shoppers in Australia increased their consumption of junk foods such as candy. In the second and third spots are Weet-Bix and Vegemite, respectively. Other notable brands in the list include Bega, Milo, Bulla and Birds Eye.


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Among skincare and cosmetic brands in China, Estee Lauder is the top performer in this year’s rankings. L'Oréal joins next, followed by luxury perfume and cosmetics company Lancome.

Data from our latest International CPG 2021 Report shows consumers in China were nearly twice as likely as other global shoppers to have increased their consumption of personal care products over the pandemic (16% vs 9%). Looking at the top ten brands in this category reveals Yunnan Baiyao claimed the top spot, followed by oral care brand Darlie. In China too, Colgate is one of the top three performing brands in the personal care category.

Wuliangye, Qingdao, Guizhou Moutai, Snow and Budweiser emerged as the leading alcohol brands in China.


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Pepsodent is the most positively perceived personal care brand in Indonesia. The toothpaste brand sits 11 points ahead of soap brand Lifebuoy and another household brand, Dettol. The pandemic caused consumers all over the world to stock their homes with cleansers and disinfectants, escalating demand for the top three brands.

Cosmetics brand Wardah and skincare brand Vaseline round out the top five best brands in the personal care category.

Aqua leads the beverages category, followed by Yakult, Pocari Sweat, Le Minerale and Good Day.

As for packaged foods, instant noodle brand Indomie wins the top spot ahead of Oreo, dairy company Frisian Flag, Dancow and snack brand Tango.

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In the personal care category, consumers rank Dettol highest in YouGov’s FMCG rankings this year. Dove, The Body Shop, Lifebuoy and Kirei Kirei also performed well and round out the top five brands in this ranking.
Oreo leads the packaged foods category, followed closely by snack brand Calbee, Maggi, Kohng Guan and crips manufacturer Lays. Nissin, Pringles, Heinz, Julie’s, and Pocky join the rest to form the top ten brands in the foods ranking.


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South Korea

Tylenol tops the personal care brands in South Korea. Garglin, Geworin, Johnson’s Baby, Listerine and Dr.G are other top performers that made their way to the top ten in this category.

Popular food brand Ottogi leads the list of the best performing packaged food brands in South Korea. Other top ten brands in this list are CJ CheilJedang, Pulmuone, Nongshim and Chung Jung One.


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Methodology: The brands in YouGov FMCG/CPG Rankings were ranked based on their Index score, which is a measure of overall brand health calculated by taking the average of Impression, Quality, Value, Satisfaction, Recommend and Reputation over a period of 12 months.

The rankings chart shows the brands with the highest average index score between August 1st 2020 until July 31st 2021. The scores are representative of the general population of adults 18+ (some are online representative).

All scores listed have been rounded to a single decimal place; however, we have used additional precision to assign ranks. All brands must have been tracked for at least six months in order to be eligible for inclusion in the rankings.