A Profile Peek on Singapore Early Tech Adopters
September 8th, 2021, Nabilla Ramadila

A Profile Peek on Singapore Early Tech Adopters

Tech consumers across the globe have different approaches on how they shop their gadgets. Some are fine using the same gadgets for years as long as it still functions well and will replace with a new one only if it breaks. Some like to save up money and wait for the latest gadget's price to start to drop. But there is a herd of consumers dearly loved by tech companies, the early tech adopters.

These people would keep up with the news of an upcoming series of their favourite tech devices, mark their calendar for the reveal date and when it is officially launched for sale, nothing can stop them to queue in front of the store on day one (or even since the night before!). An engagement level this high should be leveraged by any brands. It is very important for the brand to understand their profile at large to be able to target them effectively.

YouGov Profiles captured the demographic and behaviour of the early technology adopters in Singapore. We find that there are 19% of Singaporeans who are actively on the lookout to buy new technology devices and services & keen to use new technology products as soon as they enter the market, in which the majority of them are males (66%). 70% of this demographic take news about finance and the economy into account before making big purchases.

If you want to dive deeper on their profile, we have compiled a comprehensive infographic. Included are the detailed demographic, their attitudes towards different topics, the best advertisement to reach them, and other interesting findings.

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