Oreo Café launch: A sweet treat for fans and the brand
September 2nd, 2021, Cheryl Kar

Oreo Café launch: A sweet treat for fans and the brand

Oreo fans now have one more reason to celebrate – as for the first time in 109 years, the brand launched its first café in New Jersey.

Data from YouGov BrandIndex, which tracks the health of brands on a daily basis, shows that the launch has done well for the brand among Americans in market to purchase snacks in the next 30 days. Between August 2 – the day before the café was launched – and August 10, Oreo’s Impression score, which measure if consumers have a positive or negative view about the brand, jumped from 55.8 to 64.3 (+8.5).

However, the score dipped from 54.8 to 45.2 from August 19 through August 21 and data from YouGov Signal – which tracks social engagement and brand news – reveals that a workers’ strike at three US Nabisco bakeries occured during the same period. Oreo’s Impression score has since climbed up again to reach 64.4 as of August 28 amid country singer Walker Hayes’ viral TikTok video ‘Fancy Like’, which mentions the Oreo Cookie Shake and played a vital role in bringing the item back to Applebee’s menu.

Oreo’s Index score, which is a gauge of a company’s overall brand health, also saw a healthy uptick. The data shows Oreo improved in this metric by 13-points in this metric from August 3 to August 10, rising from 42.3 to 55.6. The brand’s Buzz score, which evaluates whether consumers have heard something positive or negative about a brand, also jumped by 7-points.

What’s more, Oreo’s Recommendation score (which indicates if a customer of a brand would recommend the brand to a friend or colleague) also surged after the new café was launched – from 43.9 on August 3 to 56.6 on August 10.

Oreo Café is no less of a wonderland for consumers with a sweet tooth – and with further plans to launch an exclusive range of Oreo Zero sugar-free in China, the brand can expect to see a new set of fans across other markets.

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Methodology: YouGov BrandIndex collects data on thousands of brands every day. Oreo’s Buzz score is based on the question: ‘Over the past two weeks, which of the following consumer brands have you heard something positive about (whether in the news, through advertising, or talking to friends and family)?’ and delivered as a net score between –100 and + 100. Figures are based on a 4-day moving average. Learn more about YouGov BrandIndex.