Safety and cost-effectiveness Americans’ top concerns over summer trips
July 21st, 2021, Aishwarya Dabhade

Safety and cost-effectiveness Americans’ top concerns over summer trips

A survey by YouGov has scoped out the post-pandemic travel trends of Americans, revealing that the majority (59%) of consumers are planning the same number of trips this summer as they would have in pre-pandemic times. Digging more into the data, we see that a substantial majority (69%) of 45-64-year-olds plan around the same number of trips, compared to just under a half (49%) of 18-29-year-olds.

Overall, more than a quarter of Americans (27%) plan to take fewer trips this summer, with the youngest demographic (18-29-year-old) most likely to say this (35%).

The data also reveals that 24% of Americans plan to take at least one trip this summer, while 25% plan to take at least two trips. However, 26% of Americans have no plans at all this summer.

What concerns might Americans have around travelling this summer? Well, a quarter (25%) of consumers are confused about the local COVID-19 laws, while two in ten Americans fear contracting the virus. That is why a majority (69%) of Americans want to be fully vaccinated by the time they take any trip, according to our data. Uncertainty about how other travellers may follow COVID-19 protocols is also one of the primary reasons (37%). But, the most dominant concern, bothering 39% of Americans, is the cost of travel.

A couple of factors mentioned above may justify what the data hints at next, as Americans seem to have been planning some cost-cutting around their travel. Nine in every ten Americans prefer to hit the road rather than a track or an airport. Amongst the respondents who chose a car as a preferred mode of transport, women (87%) outnumber men (85%). Though taking a flight is the next most popular travel mode after a car, the proportion is considerably lower (40%).

After mode of transport, accommodation is often the next most important consideration of any trip, and here most Americans are planning to lodge completely privately or with family and friends. Hotel stays are the most popular choice amongst Americans with six in ten respondents comfortable with this option. More than half (52%) plan to be the guests of friends and family. In fact, data has identified that visiting friends and families is the top motivation for taking a summer trip for nearly half of Americans (49%). Three in ten Americans would prefer rental properties (Airbnb/Vrbo).

Overall, it would be safe to say that post-pandemic summer trips for Americans are likely to be more thoughtfully planned this year. Safety and cost-effectiveness could be one of the factors at the top of travellers minds as they book, pack and ‘go away’ – something which travel marketers should continue to pay attention to.

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