Profile of an Indian TV Lover
April 16th, 2021, YouGov

Profile of an Indian TV Lover

YouGov's latest infographic: "Profile Peeks: TV lovers” showcases the profile of people who watch television more than 30 hours a week and how they are different from the nationally representative population.

57% of TV Lovers are Male and above the age of 30. Data also reveals that 55% of the segment expects TV ads to entertain them and 57% are willing to pay more for luxury brands.

This data has been gathered from Profiles, YouGov’s audience profiling and segmentation platform collecting 24,000+ variables on 200,000 Indian panelists. Profiles combine unique filters to build up a portrait of the audience you need the most by incorporating media consumption, psychographics, demographics, purchase behavior, and much more.

What will you learn about TV Lovers?

  • Demographics & Lifestyle
  • Attitude towards advertising
  • Peak TV viewing hours
  • Categories likely to purchase
  • Brands in Consideration

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