Technological advancement in the Gulf, what residents think.
February 15th, 2012, Luke Cadman

Technological advancement in the Gulf, what residents think.

In a recent online study conducted by YouGov of 1506 respondents across KSA (777) and UAE (726) in February 2012, many respondents appear to behind the times when it comes to technology, with a third 33% claiming they only know ‘the basics’.

In contrast the number of self-proclaimed technophiles, a term used to describe those who are the first to know about new technology, is relatively small with just a sixth of respondents across the two countries, falling into this category

UAE respondents believe the country is significantly more technologically advanced than KSA residents, with 70% in the UAE who think their country of residence is ahead, compared to just 50% in KSA (where the other 50% think their country of residence is behind the UAE).

When asked about ways to further advance technology in the region, respondents from both markets believe that increasing internet speeds, decreasing prices and releasing new technology sooner are the main requirements.

Residents in the region have been asking for faster Internet speeds for years, so will 2012 finally be the year in which their dreams are met? If the recent news of a subsea cable linking the region is anything to go by, then a new era of superfast internet could arrive sooner than expected to the Gulf.

Let’s hope that increased competition between providers will drive down prices and allow a new generation of tech-savvy youths to come through and help drive technological development.