Is there still hope for the high street?
January 17th, 2019, YouGov

Is there still hope for the high street?

YouGov analysis of how retail brands are faring on consumer perception in a challenging environment.

There’s no question that 2018 was a challenging year for retailers, with numerous profit warnings, store closures and job losses. Familiar names such as Toys R Us and Maplin disappeared altogether. Online shopping has clearly been a major factor in declining high street sales.

However, while much has been made of the “death of the high street”, some predominantly bricks-and-mortar brands such as Primark continue to profit.

Using YouGov’s planning and tracking tools, this paper looks at the link between consumer perception - particularly in terms of quality and value - and a brand’s fortunes. It explores which brands are declining in these metrics and which are thriving despite an uncertain economic climate.

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