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"We are defining the future of FMCG & Retail market research.

YouGov's acquisition of Consumer Panel Services GfK (CPS) connects what the world thinks, wants and buys by bringing together the best behavioral and attitudinal data."


Powerful FMCG & Retail insights: driving strategic growth

Understand every single step of the shopper journey — from what they buy and where, to why and how they make their purchases.

YouGov and CPS GfK build on and complement each other’s strengths. YouGov is a market leader ­in consumer opinions, motivations, wants, and media habits, bringing a history of tech innovation and a deep understanding of more than 26 million registered panel members. CPS GfK provides deep insights into shopper behavior, with over 60 years of knowledge and experience.

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Consistent excellence

CPS GfK's team of leading experts remain, supplying the same exceptional service they've offered for 60 years.

Get the detail you need from FMCG and Retail intelligence that you can trust providing insights from:

  • Over 18 million individual purchase acts
  • 2.1 million individual product SKUs
  • 1,500 retailers

Go beyond the shelf, and understand shopper behavior like never before.
Unlock the what, where, when, and how of consumer purchases.


Unmatched value for our clients and partners

Connected data solutions, expert insights, and market leading analysis, our combined offering creates unmatched value for our clients and partners.


Receive actionable answers from your audience: from syndicated data and in-depth consumer research to quick surveys and polls.


Unlock the most complete view of your audience, category and the consumer trends that matter in this moment, with over a million profiling points.


Supercharge campaigns with precision targeting and unmissable advertising. Drive sales and plan promotions by understanding the exact impact of your pricing.


Continuously monitor what the world thinks, across the purchase funnel, including how and where they buy your brands and those of your competitors - with daily updates.


Spot emerging trends and opportunities for new products and packaging, know who will want to buy and why, understanding how to develop winning launch strategies.


Access constantly growing FMCG and Retail intelligence that you can trust – from over 18 million purchase acts, 2.1 million SKUs, and 1,500 retailers.


What does the change in ownership mean for me as a client?

You will continue to receive the same high level of services and products, from the same dedicated team of experts that you work with now.

There are some minor administrative changes, such as the change in payment accounts on invoices, but your day-to-day experience of CPS GfK will not change.

In the longer term, YouGov is focussed on being the biggest provider of opinion and marketing data in the world and is committed to growing and improving all of its client offerings through further investment. As part of this vision YouGov is committed to supporting and enhancing CPS GfK to deliver better outcomes to you.

Furthermore, YouGov’s suite of world class products and services will further support your organisation’s success.

We will engage you in any future developments and new benefits as part of the acquisition as we progress on our journey.

What are the client benefits of this combined offering?

YouGov’s acquisition of CPS GfK brings together the best in market behavioral data with the best in market attitudinal data. Our combined offering gives you an unparalleled understanding of consumers.

You can know what people buy, why they buy it, what leads them to make a purchase and what marketing influences their decisions, enabling you to make better, informed strategies.

Who are YouGov?

YouGov is an independent market research and data analytics company, leading in consumer opinions, motivations, wants and media habits, recognised by Meltwater as the most quoted research company in the world.

Committed to investing and innovating in new market research tools, YouGov has a stellar track record in connecting data sets and a deep understanding of more than 26 million registered panel members.

The acquisition of CPS GfK grows YouGov's existing digital behavior datasets (covering search, stream, financial transaction data and more) and takes a significant step forward in our mission of giving people a voice whilst helping organisations of all types make better decisions.

What markets does YouGov operate in across mainland Europe?

YouGov currently has panels across 24 European markets: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey and the UK.

YouGov also operates globally, in over 55 markets.

Who are Consumer Panel Services GfK?

CPS GfK has over 60 years of knowledge and experience as a trusted market leader, providing deep insights into individual shopper behavior across a number of solutions.

You can discover what people buy, why they buy it, what leads them to make a purchase and what marketing influences their decisions.

CPS GfK answers where, when, and how much people buy; and identifies the audiences driving a product's growth.

You can learn more about CPS GfK solutions here.

What markets does CPS GfK operate in?

CPS GfK currently operates across 18 European markets: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Hungary, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Sweden, Switzerland and Ukraine.


Client success stories

"We have set up a quarterly shopper tracker in order to better understand how people buy our beverages and snacks, to identify changes in purchasing patterns as they emerge and plan for those evolving behaviors."

Jan Overmans, Head Of Category Management And Trade Insights, PepsiCo DACH


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