YouGov travel & tourism rankings 2022: Travel brands through the eyes of Responsible Travelers

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Which travel & tourism brands - and destinations - do Responsible Travelers perceive best? Who is the ‘Responsible Traveler’? What should brands do to attract more Responsible Travelers? The answers await – plus more - in our new report.

YouGov data shows that almost half of all consumers across 43 countries (46%) like it when brands get involved in social issues, while more than two in five consumers worldwide (44%) say they try to buy only from socially and environmentally responsible companies. The sustainability trend will only continue to accelerate, and the winners will be those who were first to take their organizations, people, investments, innovation and customers on the journey to be more environmentally friendly and eco-conscious.

YouGov publishes travel and tourism rankings yearly utilizing YouGov data. Both travel and tourism brands, and destinations are tracked daily around the world, enabling YouGov to consistently and accurately measure consumer attitudes towards them. However, instead of taking the views of a general population, the brands and destinations included in this year’s ranking are based on the views of Responsible Travelers - those who indicate they are wellness-focused, care about environmental impact and are culturally minded.

Covering a total of 18 international markets, the brands and destinations included in this year’s report were ranked based on Consideration score over a period of 12 months from 1st July 2021 to 30th June 2022.

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