YouGov telco report 2022: Discovering loyalty in telco – a global perspective

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75% of global consumers are brand loyalists who intend to remain with their cell phone brand. Approximately four in ten (42%) intend to stick with their current handset, and a third are considering an upgrade with the same brand. 

YouGov data reveals that only 15% of global consumers may consider switching to another brand; herein lies the opportunity for carriers and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). In a market of such scale in which small percentage gains can create significant revenue increases, seizing the opportunity to attract those who are considering a switch, will be vital for brands that want to grow in this space.

Via deep-dive YouGov Custom Research across 18 international markets, understand the purchase intentions and motivations of cell phone and carrier consumers. We explore how carriers and OEMs can:

  • Gain a better understanding of consumer upgrading and switching behavior
  • Know how to encourage consumers to stick around
  • Explore the loyalty drivers of cell phone purchasing
  • Understand the relationship consumers have with network providers across the globe
  • Examine the future intentions of global consumers at renewal stage for both cell phones and carriers

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