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Branding Together: America's Most Bipartisan Fast Food & Alcohol

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Recent YouGov research indicates that 43% of Americans believe a civil war is more likely than not in the next decade. There are a few reasons for this, none of which are covered in this report.

Instead, ahead of the US midterm elections, YouGov has sought to determine what Americans agree on. Branding Together: America's Most Bipartisan Fast Food & Alcohol identifies the fast food, fast casual, beer, and wine brands that are equally or nearly equally considered by Americans on both sides of the political aisle, specifically recognizing brands less than or close to a 1 percentage-point difference among both Republicans and Democrats. The brands are then ranked by overall Consideration among all US consumers.

What this means is that although McDonald's is the top considered fast food company in the United States, because it is considered by 41% of Democrats and 37% of Republicans, the four percentage-point difference disqualifies McDonald's from the list.

In total, Branding Together: America's Most Bipartisan Fast Food & Alcohol highlights 20 brands and 100+ attitude statements that fans of the brands - segmented by the Northeast, Midwest, South, and West, are more likely to believe than the rest of the nation..

All regional attitudes come directly from YouGov Profiles Lite, a free resource for audience intelligence.

Download the report now to understand the brands which might not cause a fight between the left and the right, and stay for what fans of each brand might hold as a stance. The report ends with a less-methodologically-sound declaration on how to save America.