10 leisure and entertainment personas critical for growth

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Following the COVID-19 shockwaves, L&E has firmly rebounded in Great Britain, though not without the adoption of new technologies and expectations. Understanding continued shifts in consumer behaviour, preferences and attitudes will be critical to charting a successful growth strategy for the remainder of the decade.

Leveraging YouGov data, we’ve identified 10 key consumer audiences about whom Leisure and Entertainment leaders need a nuanced POV.

Family favourites – 89% of British adults say that spending time with their family is important

Cinema cynics – 71% of Brits say that going to the cinema is too expensive

Theatre thespians – 61% of adults in Great Britain enjoy going to the theatre

Local legends – 57% of Brits prefer visiting local attractions

Cautious customers – 50% of adults in GB say that sports betting is addictive

Casino sceptics – 46% of Brits believe that casinos are depressing

Reading recommenders – 45% of adults in Britain like to recommend books to their friends

Sport hungry – 38% of British adults say that highlight reels and archival footage are a great way to watch more sports

Gambling naysayers - 29% of adults in Britain believe that all gambling should be illegal

Community consumers – 28% of Brits say that their favourite thing about being a sports fan is the community

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Strategy, insights and product leads can leverage YouGov Surveys to specifically target these consumer cohorts within YouGov’s highly engaged panel – whether it’s a quick response survey or deep-dive study.