YouGov x BioPharma Dive playbook

3 major consumer groups driving efficacy for retail pharmacies

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As retail pharmacies double down on convenience with expanded categories of merchandise, they’re simultaneously investing more in their online offerings as well. 

Recent YouGov data shows that there are two major insights about retail pharmacies and their customers that have risen to the top:

1. In-store shopping remains extremely important for certain demographic groups

2. Convenience is a strong factor in how and where they shop.

Consumers now view their neighborhood pharmacies as one-stop shops to grab essential items, as 42% of Americans go to the pharmacy with the most convenient location

What is your company doing to understand the main consumer segments and harness their buying power?

Download the playbook to learn about your consumer groups, including how their preferences are driving retail pharmacy transformations and the role of eCommerce in reshaping how and where customers do their shopping. Topics in this report include three emerging trends:

  • Channel blurring
  • Pharmacies as wellness centers
  • Online personalization
About the playbook

This playbook is a custom content created for YouGov by StudioID, delivering actionable insights on three key retail pharmacy consumer segments: 65 and older, parents with children, and 18 to 34-year-olds

The data in this playbook was drawn as of April 2022 using YouGov Profiles, an ever-growing source of living consumer data, with 2+ million data variables from YouGov’s 20+ million global panel members.