FMCG & retail report 2022: The path to purchase for global seasonal events

58% of global shoppers increased their expenditure for seasonal events in the past 12 months compared to their average monthly spend; herein lies the opportunity for retailers and FMCG brands to win big.

Seasonal events are plentiful throughout the calendar year, and for retailers and FMCG brands, this means low hanging fruit, ripe for the picking. Events such as Christmas, Mother’s Day, Amazon Prime Day and Back-to-School provide a key opportunity for brands to increase awareness and boost sales. As we move into a post-pandemic world, understanding the new dynamics of seasonal shopping and the consumer purchasing process associated with such events is fundamental to effective planning and ultimately bagging rewards.

Utilising YouGov research spanning 18 international markets, this report uncovers the consumer purchasing process surrounding seasonal events. We explore:

  • Shopping nuances - by age and by region - in relation to seasonal events
  • The sources consumers use to inspire their buying decisions
  • The tug of war between brick-and-mortar and online shopping
  • The types of goods purchased for each seasonal event
  • Who consumers are shopping for and how long in advance they plan purchases
  • Adjustment on spend leading up to each event

Plus, more!