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Sustainable Shoppers in Singapore

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The December Holiday Season is around the corner! Many consumers are excited about it and have kicked off the holiday season by preparing their beloved one a holiday gift. But since global warming has been a hot topic internationally, more consumers start to think about sustainability when they do holiday spending. In Singapore, one in five (20%) prefer sustainable brands AND buy clothes only from these brands. How can Singaporean retailers react and target this group of consumers during the holiday season?

YouGov's latest Profile Peeks delves into the profile of sustainable shoppers in Singapore. Our data shows that 73% do not mind paying extra for good quality products. Check out our Profile Peeks to learn about their demographic, attitudes towards various topics, advertising channels that grab their attention and more.

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About Profile Peeks

Drawing on data from across YouGov’s vast connected ecosystem, Profile Peeks are infographics that deep dive into a niche audience group segmented based on trending sector topics. Showcasing a range of behavioural and attitudinal insights they are designed to help brands and agencies get that little bit closer to the consumers they need to understand most.