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Scratch-off Buyers in Australia

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YouGov's International Gambling Report 2021 reveals that the popularity of online gambling globally has achieved new highs. However, does the rise of online gambling mean that the traditional one would have fallen to the wayside? It doesn't seem to be the case in Australia - where nearly one in five (17%) Aussies saying they have bought a scratch ticket in the last 12 months - reveals YouGov Profiles data.

Our latest Profile Peeks delves into the persona of scratch-off buyers in Australia, revealing:-

  • Demographics of this segment group
  • Their attitudes towards adverts and various topics
  • Top advert channels that grab their attention
  • Factors affecting their selection of sports betting providers, and
  • Gambling activities they are more likely to participate in over the past 12 months besides buying a scratch ticket

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About Profile Peeks

Drawing on data from across YouGov’s vast connected ecosystem, Profile Peeks are infographics that deep dive into a niche audience group segmented based on trending sector topics. Showcasing a range of behavioural and attitudinal insights they are designed to help brands and agencies get that little bit closer to the consumers they need to understand most.