Daily video game publisher and franchise brand tracking

Inform your gaming strategy, measure public perception of major video game publishers and franchises, with YouGov's powerful daily brand and competitor tracking.

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Level-up your marketing strategy

Powered by our brand health tracking tool, continuously track 40 publishers and 70 franchises across 16 key brand health metrics.

Daily data enables you to:

  • Get an instant view of what consumers really think of gaming brands.
  • React quickly to industry shifts and crises, and assess positive and negative feelings towards brands.

Stay on top of industry changes, and competitors

Inform your gaming strategy with YouGov GameIndex to:

  • Keep up to date with new announcements: examine continuous data flow and monitor change over time to keep up with gaming audiences
  • Evaluate potential partnerships and measure partnership and sponsorship successes, both short and long-term, across multiple sectors and audiences.
  • Monitor campaign performance
  • Compare your brand against the competition to accurately create and strategize growth opportunities.

Access all data within one dashboard, displayed in multiple formats.


Stay ahead of the competition

Customizable, daily tracking

Make sense of industry-specific data in real-time. Add custom trigger questions for your brand to our daily surveys

Global coverage

Consistent data available in US, UK, France, Germany, Brazil, South Korea, Vietnam and China

Relevant audience intelligence

Reach general consumers 18+, plus access a specialized sample of respondents interested in gaming, esports, and more

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