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Get tailor-made snapshots of YouGov's flagship audience intelligence and brand tracking products, with one-time deep dives on your brand, sector or audience, without a full subscription.

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Tap into YouGov's living data

By building essential datasets of what matters to you – suiting your budget and timeline - to access an ever-growing source of constantly evolving, connected intelligence.

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Tailored YouGov data, no subscription required

Control and select the insights you need for a bespoke dataset, across media consumption, psychographics, attitudes and more or track brands against 16 brand health metrics – from ad awareness to former customers.

Want audience intelligence? Find and understand the audience that matters most to you: their thoughts, feelings and attitudes and behaviors, and discover where to best target and reach them with a YouGov Profiles Snapshot.

Need to track brand and consumer funnel health? Understand what people are seeing and hearing about your brand, as well as their consumer journey with a YouGov BrandIndex Snapshot.

Deep dives suiting your budget and timeline

Tap into YouGov’s living data: an ever-growing source of constantly evolving, connected intelligence, for rapid delivery and only paying for the datapoints you need

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Relevant data snapshots

Tailored to your business or client needs, selecting only the types of datapoints you require

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Flexible delivery and accessibility to use YouGov data within your own visualization tools and dashboards

Unrivaled intelligence

Rich data from our flagship platforms