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Why YouGov Surveys?

According to Pew Research, YouGov consistently outperformed competitors on accuracy. We make it easy for you to generate the insights you need, fast.

Elevate your brand's reputation and generate credible media coverage. Gain trend-setting insights and validate campaigns through data-backed decision-making.

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As innovators and pioneers of online market research, we have a strong reputation as a trusted source of accurate data and insights. Testament to this, YouGov data is regularly referenced by the global press, and we are the most quoted market research source in the world.

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Discover real answers from real people in your ideal target audience, no matter how niche.

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Get results within a week with the support of expert researchers.

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Analyze results in our easy-to-use, powerful analysis tool, unlocking new insights.

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Verified, engaged and global. Our panel of 24 million+ registered members generate thousands of data points – every day – on consumer attitudes, opinions and behaviours.

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