Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370
April 13th, 2014, Emilene Parry

Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370

Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 disappeared on 8 March with 239 people onboard. It has since been announced by the Malaysian government that it is “beyond any reasonable doubt” that the aircraft had gone down in the southern part of the Indian Ocean; although no confirmed debris has been found. The disappearance of flight MH370 appears to have captured the attention of Lab participants with the majority claiming to be closely following the news regarding the disappearance. TV, online news channels and social media sites are the main media sources which Lab participants are using to receive updates regarding the disappearance.

We asked Lab participants to tell us what they believed had happened to the missing plane:

“I think it would be trapped in the sea like in the Bermuda triangle” Mobeen, Pakistan

“Mechanical failure and subsequent destruction” Anon

“Hijacking/terrorism” Ellaine, UAE

“I think it was hijacked and then it has crashed in the sea” Tulika, UAE

“I think it was hijacked and was hidden somewhere that nobody could trace” Mohini, UAE

“It may have been hit by a rocket from a naval ship in that area” Aziz, Pakistan

“I think there were a number of skilled individuals onboard who managed to hijack the aircraft. I think they successfully executed a plan that included deactivating trackers and possibly some new technology to make the plane undetectable by radars and satellites” Anon

“There have been so many theories coming up but no conclusion can be made till there is some solid evidence. I just wish they have landed somewhere undetected. That way there is still some hope” Anon

“I think that the Boeing 777 exploded in mid-flight, this is why they can't find the Debris” Nacer, Morocco

“I think that a terrorist took over the plane and the government is covering it up. How could 26 countries not find the plane? There is cover-up of the truth” Heneral, UAE

“Since there were 2 suspicious passengers onboard holding stolen passports, it could have been a hijacking. The plane was manipulated and the flight was diverted to a secret hide-out” Abigail, UAE

“I think it was a mechanical failure” Alex, KSA

“I don't know where it eventually landed. I do think it remained fully operational to some destination. The purpose may be to test a new technology or prove a point” Anon

“It is impossible to avoid radar detection and satellites unless the government is protecting the real cause of disappearance. The plane has been landed in one of the islands or jungle and the government is under negotiation” Anon

“Most likely, the plane may have landed in a hidden forest somewhere in South East Asia and the hijackers might be planning to use it later on for some acts of terrorism” Abigail, UAE

“Might be anything..... holding people for hostage in turn for some untold demands which might erupt after some days. Or it can be like they have landed in some isolated runways/airport, bribed the officials, re-fueled and again flew away....Another possibility might be that the plane might have been hijacked but without the mission being completed, it might have crashed” Asif, UAE

“The purpose depends on the passengers flying on the MH370, who were they? Was anyone related to government or military service? In this case the plane can be used for other purpose or hijacked and it can land in the no man zone where the radar detection is not reachable or it was planned and disconnected” Anon

Twenty-five countries were involved in the search over both land and sea. We asked Lab participants what else they felt should have been done:

“It’s a great thing that 25 countries are helping the search for MH370. But I feel the biggest blunder was done by the Thai Government who acted highly selfish by not disclosing the image of the plane caught on the Thai radar at the exact time instead of lagging for days and then finally bringing a lame excuse that they were not asked for the report... They have really gone against the humanitarian aspect instead of sharing the information at the right moment” Asif, UAE

“For the ruling government to uncover the truth behind the disappearance” Ellaine, UAE

“Check previous records of the pilots, like phone calls, personal meetings etc. It might give us a clue if we are thinking that airplane is hijacked” Mobeen, Pakistan

“Use more technology” Anon

“Nothing it’s enough as they are doing everything to find the plane” Aziz, Pakistan

“I'm sure they have tried to track the mobiles phones for most passengers. There needs to be more hypotheses available to explore. The more ideas we have the more options and a possible breakthrough is more likely. Even the seemingly crazy ideas are worth a shot at this stage” Anon

“I do not believe that all these countries are truly looking for the plane. They are just manipulating the news to cover-up the truth” Heneral, UAE

“Advertise a prize for someone who could point the real location of the missing plane” Abigail, UAE

Overall Lab participants appeared to be concerned about this disappearance.

“It is a matter of humanity and dignity of many reputable countries” Mobeen, Pakistan

“I feel sorry for the people onboard and for their families” Tulika, UAE

“There are 239 peoples onboard. Who are someone’s parents, children, friends etc.” Anon

“I'm concerned about the family of the people in the plane” Mohini, UAE

“I am concerned about the lives of the innocent people in the plane” Aziz, Pakistan

“It doesn't make sense for such a large aircraft to disappear into thin air. A logical explanation needs to be found” Anon

“There are a lot of people missing” Ivy, UAE

“I just don't digest how a whole flight disappeared; with all our latest technology we couldn't find the flight” Anon

“This could have happened to any one of us out here. There are families and friends waiting to hear whatever about their loved ones” Anon

“It someone's life that is lost not just a plane” Anon

“For the innocent people onboard that plane, they have families, they have a life before this happened. Hijacking the whole plane just because of few doesn't seem right” Heneral, UAE

“I am not very concerned since I am not directly related to any of the people onboard. However, I care because that's naturally how we as humans react if there are lives involved or at risk” Abigail, UAE

“These passengers and pilots are not animals they have families and they are worried as hell and it could happen to anyone of us” Alex, KSA

“It’s just a mystery and whatever the case may be, there are 239 people onboard… rather 239 lives who have loved ones in this world. We can’t take part in the sadness of the relatives of the people onboard but at least we can pray for the souls involved in the dilemma” Asif, UAE

Overall, it is clear that the flights disappearance has left many questions unanswered in the minds of Lab participants. Many have their own theories, involving terrorists or government cover up stories or aircraft malfunctions. We hope that the families and loved ones of those missing will get the answers they deserve soon.

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