Half of UAE Residents Have Trouble Sleeping at Night
March 30th, 2014, YouGov

Half of UAE Residents Have Trouble Sleeping at Night

YouGov conducted a comprehensive survey commissioned by Intercoil in February 2014, for the launch of ‘Sleep Matters’ – A Community Initiative Dedicated to Improving Quality of Sleep

Top 5 factors that influence quality of sleep according to UAE respondents:

  • Daily life worries: 84%
  • Stress: 84%
  • Bedroom temperature: 77% (Significantly more for Women)
  • Noise: 74% (Significantly more for Women)
  • Quality of mattress: 73% (Significantly more for 31-40 years old)

Overall, respondents sleep an average of 6.5 hours during weekdays and 7.8 hours during weekends, with around 25% of Emiratis and Arab expats claiming to sleep less than 4 hours. 89% of those who always or often have trouble sleeping claimed they “wish they could sleep better at night”. 85% acknowledge that a healthy sleep leads to a healthy life; two thirds (62%) claimed that the lack of sleep affects their daily functions.

“UAE’s dynamic style of life, is clearly reflected on the quality of sleep of the residents, who clearly stated in our survey their need to improve their sleep, in order to improve daily functions and minimize its negative consequences”- Fina Robles

The survey was conducted by YouGov through online interviews, between 12th and 20th of February 2014, using YouGov proprietary panels. 425 respondents were interviewed across a representative sample of the UAE in terms of gender, age and nationality. To find out more about YouGov’s healthcare division, please contact fina.robles@yougov.com


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