3D Films: Fad or Future?
February 21st, 2013, Karima Berkani

3D Films: Fad or Future?

The film industry has witnessed enormous technological innovations in the past decade; bigger screens, sharper sound and bolder graphics keep moviegoers on the edge of their seats. Advancements in the area of 3D graphics have catapulted the genre into the spotlight in recent years. YouGov looked to our Labs to find out if this is the dawn of a new era in cinema, or if it’s a passing trend.

Nearly two-thirds of Lab participates have seen a movie in 3D. Interestingly, among those who have seen a movie in 3D, two-thirds have watched a 3D movie in a theatre, and 42 percent have watched a 3D movie at home.

3D movies are undoubtedly popular among Lab participants, with more than three-fourths saying they ‘really like’ 3D films and 19 percent saying they ‘like’ them. In fact, 45 percent of Lab respondents said they would like all movies to be 3D. When asked to elaborate on what they enjoy about 3D films, here is what Lab participants had to say:

“3D Movies moves you out of your stressful life to another dimension literally. It makes one's movie experience better and beautiful.” Denny, UAE

“3D movie – it’s so fantastic! Now I cannot imagine going to the cinema just to watch usual movie. Now I like 3D ones. It seems that you are a part of the movie, acting with actor or actress, flying, jumping and etc. It's amazing! I like it!” - Mr. Amjad, Jordan

“3D movies are great in some content or categories of movies...not all and not all content. The only thing that bothers me in 3D movies is that sometimes it irritates the eye. Other than that, its a new and creative way of watching movies” - Amen, UAE

“I like it but not always watching with 3D” - Anonymous

While Lab participants generally enjoy 3D films, 82 percent agree that some movies are better suited than others. Lab participants also showed some concern about the effect watching 3D movies could have on their eyes (44 percent). Female Lab participants were more concerned than male participants (58 percent vs. 37, respectively). One-quarter of Lab participants agree that 3D films should only be shown in movie theatres.

We also asked what could be improved about 3D films. Here is what Lab participants had to say:

“Get rid of the premium and extra charge for 3D movies.” - Eia, UAE

“Better quality of 3D Movies and good quality of 3D Glasses and in addition if the -seats are also comfortable it will be amazing.” - Denny, UAE

“The quality of glasses.” MAK, UAE

“Development of colors and glasses will definitely improve the technology, but must be knowledge of those damaged eye.” - Mahmoud, Egypt

“Making the glasses not harmful to the eye and a little bit of quality improvement.” - Walid, Morocco