Slim Shady stans: 6 facts about Eminem’s British fanbase
July 2nd, 2024, Kineree Shah

Slim Shady stans: 6 facts about Eminem’s British fanbase

Eminem has amassed a vast fan base but who exactly are they, and what are their attitudes? First, let’s look at where Eminem stands among other rap and hip-hop artists. 

  1. Eminem is the most positively rated current rap and hip-hop artist in Britain

With a 52% positive rating, Eminem leads the pack according to data from YouGov Profiles. He is followed by Pharrell Williams (47%), Stormzy (37%), Fergie (37%) and Neneh Cherry (34%). Other notable artists in the list include Dizzee Rascal (32%), The Streets (32%), Tinie Tempah (30%), Nicki Minaj (30%), and Professor Green (30%).

2. Millennials and Gen Z adults are most likely to enjoy Eminem’s music

Starting with age, a third of millennials and adult Gen Z population rate him positively (34% millennials and 32% Gen Z adults). About 36% are middle income earners and a quarter from lower income group. Two in five are married (41%) with no children (43%), and mostly own a dog (33% vs. 26% own cats). Nearly half own an iPhone (45%) and three in 10 have a Samsung phone (30%).

3. Most Eminem fans are active on Instagram daily

Two-fifth of Britons (43%) who rate Eminem positively access Instagram daily compared to 36% of the general population. YouTube is another popular platform among this group, with 33% of Eminem fans accessing the social media platform daily, compared to 27% of all British adults. They are also more frequent on X (22% vs. 19% of all GB adults) and TikTok (22% vs. 15% of the general population).

4. 35% of Eminem fans stream music on Spotify

Fans who rate Eminem positively are more likely to stream music on Spotify (40% vs. 34% of all GB adults) and YouTube (21% vs. 19% of general population).

5. Half of Eminem fans love pop music

Pop music is a favorite for half of his fan base who rate him positively compared to 41% of all US adults. Rock is another popular genre, favored by 43% of Eminem fans versus 37% of the general population. Rap and hip-hop is obviously on the list, with 29% of fans listing it as a favorite compared to 16% of the general population.

6. 62% of Eminem fans view music videos as an important way to experience music

Eminem fans hold strong opinions about the importance of vision and belief in music. Half believe that it’s important for a music artist to have a clear vision or belief, a sentiment shared by 43% of all British adults. Additionally, music videos are highly valued among Eminem fans, with 45% viewing them as an important way to experience music, compared to 35% of the general population.

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Methodology: YouGov Profiles is based on continuously collected data and rolling surveys, rather than from a single limited questionnaire. Profiles data for Great Britain is nationally representative and weighted by age, gender, education, region, and race.