Five key stats about how Britons are watching Euro 2024
June 14th, 2024, Christien Pheby

Five key stats about how Britons are watching Euro 2024

The 2024 UEFA European Championships are upon us, and Britain has two representatives this time. England fans will be hoping that the national team improves on their near-miss from UEFA Euro 2020, while Scotland fans will be hoping to leave the group stages of a finals tournament for the first time in their team’s history.

Here are five key stats that reveal how Britons plan to watch Euro 2024.

44% plan to follow the tournament 

When asked if they plan to follow the tournament, 44% say they do.

Of this group, 45% plan to watch as many games as they can, while 25% plan to watch only games featuring the country they support. A further 22% will follow the competition more casually.

More than eight in ten watchers plan to follow games on live TV

When asked how they plan to follow the tournament, some 84% of watchers said they would follow it live on TV, with 40% planning to watch highlights.

A further 34% would follow it out of home (e.g. at the pub or a bar), while three in ten will keep up via newspapers (29%) or social media (28%). Another fifth say they’ll follow live matches online.

46% plan to watch with their partners 

Football tournaments may be associated with a certain group raucousness, but 46% of watchers plan to follow Euro 2024 with their partner. Some 39% say they’ll watch with their friends, 31% by themselves, and 26% with their children.

By 55% to 39%, fans say they’d prefer their club won the league over their country winning the Euros

We also asked fans to weigh in on the classic club vs country debate.

Our findings show that 55% would see their club lift the league title over their country winning the Euros.

Adidas and Coca-Cola are the brands watchers most strongly associated with the tournament 

Finally, we asked fans which brands they associated with Euro 2024 – in an effort to see which sponsors and partners are getting the most punch for their marketing pound among Britons. Some 28% cited Coca-Cola, and 27% cited Adidas. The rest of the list fall well behind, with Lidl (10%) a distant third and an even more remote fourth (7%). The tournament is yet to begin, so this may well change by the time the trophy is lifted.