YouGov FMCG Rankings 2024: UAE & KSA
June 5th, 2024, Shivanshi Shah

YouGov FMCG Rankings 2024: UAE & KSA

2023 saw significant evolution in the FMCG sector, with a growing focus on sustainability, digitization, and consumer health. Utilizing data from always-on brand tracker, YouGov BrandIndex, and created against the backdrop of these factors YouGov’s 2024 FMCG rankings report reveals the most considered food, beverage, and personal care brands around the world.

Find out which FMCG brands – across foods, beverages, and personal care - consumers consider highest across 6 key international markets (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirate, France, Germany, United Kingdom, and United States).

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Guess who's leading the food and beverage sector in the UAE and KSA?

Almarai has secured the top position in the food category in both the UAE and KSA, with scores of 56.0 and 59.9, respectively. Additionally, Almarai has claimed the leading spot in the beverage category in the UAE and KSA, with scores of 56.7 and 47.4, respectively.

And when it comes to personal care...

Dettol takes center stage as the top brand of the year in both the UAE (39.0) and KSA (38.4), followed by Dove, securing the 2nd spot in both regions.

While Almarai and Dettol dominate, there's a whole world of brands making waves in the FMCG sector.Download rankings to explore full line up

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YouGov publishes brand rankings yearly based on the data from always-on brand tracker, YouGov BrandIndex. FMCG brands are tracked daily around the world, enabling us to consistently and accurately measure consumer attitudes towards those brands. The brands in YouGov’s FMCG rankings 2024 were ranked based on Consideration score, which is a measure of likelihood of purchase from the category.

The top ranked rankings show the brands with the highest Consideration score between April 1st, 2023, and March 31st, 2024. To determine the improvers rankings, brands have been sorted based on number of statistically significant uplifts observed in this last period compared to the previous one). The scores are representative of the general population of adults 18+. For all markets, a minimum base size of 300 is selected. All scores listed have been rounded to a single decimal place; however, we have used additional precision to assign ranks.

All brands included in YouGov’s FMCG top ranked rankings have been tracked for a minimum of 6 months, and all brands included in YouGov’s FMCG improvers rankings have been tracked for a minimum of 18 months.

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