2024 US sports betting trends – How live streaming is shaping user engagement
May 30th, 2024, Kineree Shah

2024 US sports betting trends – How live streaming is shaping user engagement

In our new 2024 US bettor's research report, we explore the importance of live streaming in sportsbook apps and how it varies across different age groups. Among the youngest group of sports bettors, aged 21-24, 28% are very interested in live streaming, and two-fifth are somewhat interested, showing a strong engagement with this feature.

The 25-34 age group also displays high interest, with a third very interested and two in five bettors somewhat interested. This group shows a significant inclination towards using live streaming features in sportsbook apps. For those aged 35-44, interest remains strong, with 32% very interested and 41% somewhat interested, indicating that live streaming is a valuable addition for maintaining user engagement.


Bettors aged 45-54 and 55+ show slightly lower levels of interest, but the numbers are still substantial. In the 45-54 age group, a quarter are very interested (26%) and three in 10 bettors are somewhat interested, while among those aged 55+, 29% are very interested and 32% somewhat interested. This data highlights that live streaming features in sportsbook apps are appealing across all age groups, with younger users leading the trend.

The 2024 US Bettor’s Report seeks to answer three questions:

  • Which sportsbooks are trending right now, and with which age groups? 
  • Which in-app features matter most to current and prospective bettors? 
  • What's the next frontier in sports betting innovation?

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